• (11-2013) Check Your Honey with a New Look-Up Tool – A new search function on the True Source Honey website allows U.S. shoppers to be sure that they're not mistakenly buying honey that has been illegally shipped from China.
  • (10-2013) U.S. Beekeepers Urge Americans To Buy Source-Certified Honey – Facing continued decline in their bee colonies and shrinking honey harvests, U.S. beekeepers are urging U.S. consumers to take an easy step in helping preserve the domestic honey business and assure the quality of the honey they choose: Buy source-certified honey.
  • (4-2013) Bee Maid Becomes Certified – Bee Maid Honey in Manitoba and Alberta, Canada, is the newest True Source certified honey company. “As food safety becomes more important, our consumers and retailers have a very high expectation that we will always be very confident with our sourcing program. We believe that participating in the True Source program is another way of meeting this expectation,” says Bee Maid CEO Guy Chartier.
  • (12-2012) New True Source Video examines the issue of illegally sourced honey and how the True Source program is protecting the reputation and safety of honey for U.S. consumers.
  • (9-2012) Article in Costco Connection Discusses Kirkland’s True-Source Certified Honey
    The Costco Connection discusses True Source as an important step in ensuring that Costco’s product is 100% pure honey.
  • (9-2012) True Source Certifies Exporters – True Source certification audits for exporters were finalized in 2012 and several exporters have quickly moved to become certified. Most notably, nearly 70% of the 2013 Argentine honey crop that will be exported to the United States will be True Source Certified. India and Uruguay are also boasting certified exporters, and Vietnam’s first exporter certification is pending. This is great progress for ensuring that U.S. honey and products using honey are source-certified!