Participating Companies

True Source Honey, LLC is an effort by a number of honey companies and importers to call attention to the problem of illegally sourced honey; to encourage action to protect consumers and customers from these practices; and to highlight and support legal, transparent and ethical sourcing. The initiative seeks to help maintain the reputation of honey as a high-quality, highly valued food and further sustain the U.S. honey sector.

Following are the board members of True Source Honey, LLC:

  • Eric Wenger, Barkman Honey – Chairman
  • Chris Olney, HoneyTree, Inc. – Vice Chairman
  • Jill Clark, Dutch Gold Honey, Inc. – Treasurer
  • Michelle Poulk, Burleson's, Inc. – Secretary
  • Elise Gangon, Odem International, Inc.
  • Maren Martin, Impex Group
  • Randy Verhoek, Harvest Honey, Inc.
  • Gordon Marks, Executive Director