Made with True Source Honey

The “Made with True Source Honey” certification program is designed to establish trust with consumers on the origins and authenticity of the honey containing products they buy.

“Made With True Source Certified Honey” verifies the use of certified honey as an ingredient in leading brands and products with an attractive product claim.

Key benefits include:

  • Product integrity
  • Full transparency in the supply chain
  • Legality and country of origin

The “Made with True Source Honey” claim certification process applies to operations that process, package and/or sell consumer goods products, either at their own or contracted facilities, who aspire to present a promotional, on-package or sales claim regarding the use of True Source Certified™ honey in their products. Note that the program is designed to promote 100% pure, traceable honey, so it cannot be used for products that simulate honey.

Get Started!

True Source Honey has partnered with NSF International for certification services. NSF is a global public health and safety company providing expert certification services for over 70 years.

Contact NSF or TSH to explore next steps, including determining which products are eligible, and developing a project timeline and budget.