Become True Source Certified

The True Source Certified® program is a voluntary system for participants in an international supply chain who wish to demonstrate through an independent third-party audit that their sourcing practices for honey are in full compliance with United States and international trade laws and meet the requirements of the True Source Certified standards.

The basic responsibilities of each participant are as follows:

  • True Source Certified:
    • Establish and maintain the standards for certification.
  • Third Party Audit Firm
    • Conduct audits to evaluate compliance to the standards.
    • Assign the True Source Certified Identification Number to each load.
  • Beekeepers:
    • Produce and sell authentic honey directly from their own operation.
  • Processor/Exporters:
    • Purchase honey only from within their country of operation for resale/export.
    • Maintain a system of traceability and use a True Source Certified Identification Number for every shipment of honey.
  • Importers:
    • Follow True Source Certified standards when purchasing certified loads of honey.
    • Provide the required documentation to packers related to the export and import of each load.
  • Packers:
    • Maintain a system of traceability and authenticity testing. Purchase only True Source Certified honey from certified participants in the supply chain.
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers:
    • Become certified to use the "Made with True Source Honey" claim as a distinctive point of difference in reaching discerning consumers. 


It is through the application of these standards and the involvement of an independent third party that trading partners can have the assurance of honey traceability and authenticity testing.

For additional information and resources, please see the following documents: